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Rapid Technologies In Integrated Product Development

Dybala, B.; Chlebus, E.; Boratynski, T. // 2002

Real Experiences of Virtual Worlds

Ucelli, G.; Conti, G.; Petric, J.; Maver, T. W. // 2002
The JCAD-VR framework is implemented to anticipate the use of VR within the creation phase of the design process. It creates simple parametric 3D-shapes directly in a co-edit VR environment, thus ...

Redesigning Product Programs Focusing On Variety, Complexity and Commonality

Reitan, J.; Stormo, S.; Aasland, K. // 2002
Market demands have increased, and products’ market life spans get shorter. New products or new variants must be introduced more frequently than they used to. Thereby product assortments in companies ...

Representation of an Architectural Design Process; Between Formal and Functional

Leclercq, P. P.; Locus, M. E. // 2002
This article describes one of the research studies carried out by LEMA, the Laboratory for the Study of Architectural Methodology, on the representation of the design process in architectural design. ...

Research on Dynamic Systems – Some Considerations

Björk, E.; Ottosen, S. // 2002
It is a well known fact that interaction and commitment from a range of professions is needed to achieve competitive results in product development projects. Especially when innovative development is ...

Safe Steering Wheel Airbag Removal Using Active Disassembly

Jones, N.; Harrison, D.; Chiodo, J.; Billett, E. // 2002
Active Disassembly is a well researched technique for creating assemblies or casings that can break themselves apart for recycling using a thermal trigger. In order to remove potentially explosive ...

Selecting Methods for Life Cycle Design Based on the Needs of a Company

Ernzer, M.; Birkhofer, H. // 2002
For the successful use of methods, it is essential to select and customize the methods carefully according to the needs of the company. A tremendous amount of methods for life cycle design have been ...

Selection of Dynamics Characteristics for Landing Gear with the Use of Numerical Model

Niezgoda, T.; Malachowski, J.; Kowalski, W. // 2002
Each type of aircraft needs a unique landing gear with a specific structural system, which can complete demands described by unique characteristics associated with each aircraft. During landing of ...

Short Term Workshop: An Alternative Strategy in Architectural Design Education

Kahvecioglu, H. L.; Erdem, A.; Paker-Kahveicoglu, N. // 2002
This paper aims to focus on potentials of short-term workshops within architectural curriculum. Key concepts for the study could be summarized as proposing the implementation of short-term workshop ...

Simplifying the Design of Product Families Using a Segmented Design Network

Lambeck, P.; Bertsche, B.; Lechner, G. // 2002
The Active Semantic Design Network supports the designers by various means from the first rough outlines to the finished CAD and rating model. This tool is being extended to allow for the design of ...

Simulating Design for Production: The University of Botswana Experience

Khumomotse, S. M.; M'Rithaa, M. K. // 2002
There is substantial consensus among today’s manufacturers that integration between design and manufacturing is a prerequisite for competing in a global economy. Whereas industry is often responsive ...

Simulation on Multiple Dimensions for the Evaluation of New Designs. A Practical Experience

Guirado, R.; Bienvenido, J. F.; Flores-Parra, I. M. // 2002
Our application problem is the study of the radiation, by simulation, into several greenhouse structures typologies. One of our initial decisions was using the most specific tools. We used a ...

Six Ingredients of Collaborative Virtual Design Environments

Horváth, I.; Vergeest, J. S. M.; Rusák, Z. // 2002
Collaborative virtual design environments (CVDEs) represent the fourth generation of CAD/E systems. These distributed design support systems are based on a still penetrating new paradigm. ...

Snapshots and Bookmarks as a Graphical Design History

Verlinden, J. C.; Igarashi, T.; Vergeest, J. S. M. // 2002
This paper presents a technique to enhance 3D modelling systems by displaying the design history during a design session. It offers the opportunity to select and annotate various stages of a model. ...

Some Problems of Unreliability and Hazard in Technical Objects

Smalko, Z.; Jazwinski, J.; Zurek, J. // 2002
In the paper the analysis of the relations between the hazard and unreliability characteristics of the technical objects has been presented. The mathematical model, described in the paper, enables ...

Specialized Design Sciences - Questions for the Future

Hubka, V. // 2002
The scope and organization of knowledge about design engineering and the technical systems being designed is presented in Design Science in a general form. The goal of designing is and should be to ...

Straightening Process Modelling of Steam Turbine Rotors Applying Tension Relaxation Method

Avdic, M.; Arnautovic, A.; Suljkanovic, M.; Karic, A. // 2002
Procedure of straightening rotors bending is complex, but it is possible to optimise it by applying the appropriate model. Application of the finite elements method at the example of straightening of ...

Strategic Design: a Design Method to Manage the Design Framework

Taura, T.; Shiose, T.; Awaji, M. // 2002
In engineering design, it is thought that the designer repeats two steps: to establish the problem framework for generating the design solution and to search for and generate design solutions within ...

Structured Reflection for Improving Design Processes

Reymen, I. M. M. J.; Hammer, D. K. // 2002
Continuous improvement of design processes is a necessity. Our objective is to stimulate designers to improve their own process by reflecting on their design process. Reflection has already proven to ...

Supporting the Early Stages of Product Design by Function-Based Tools

Koch, M.; Meerkamm, H. // 2002
The state-of-the-art in the early stages of design is a situation, where practically no computer-supported tools for a designer’s work exist. To get rid of this problem and to make decisions ...

Surface Design in Virtual Reality as Industrial Application

Fiorentino, M.; de Amicis, R.; Stork, A.; Monno, G. // 2002
The authors present SpaceDesign, a computer-aided styling application addressed to the early stages of the design process. Virtual Reality devices are used for expressing first design ideas in an ...

Synthesis and Analysis Steps According Product Precision in Early and Later Development Stages

Koch, M.; Hochmuth, R.; Meerkamm, H. // 2002
The Precision of Technical Systems can be divided into the term Accuracy in early stages and Tolerances in later stages of design. In the early design stage, the requirements acc. the precision of ...

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