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A Behavior-Centric Concept for Engineering Education in New Product Development

Behrenbeck, Jan; Martins Pacheco, Nuno Miguel; Tariq, Bilal; Zimmermann, Markus // 2020
Engineering students need to be prepared for future work environments in which transdisciplinary collaboration and innovative behaviour are key to sustainable success. Classical technical skills will ...

A Design Specification Chain: A Concept for Improving Revision Management and Change Tracking

Bertram, Christian Alexander; Rasmussen, Jeppe Bredahl; Mueller, Georg Otto; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2020
Design-specifications play an important role in aligning organizational work and ensure everyone works towards the same solution. With many separate specifications and the fast revision pace of ...

A Framework for Grouping of Equipment for Preventive Maintenance Planning

Soleymani, Iman; Sigsgaard, Kristoffer Vandrup; Khalid, Waqas; Hansen, Kasper Barslund; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2020
One of the main challenges that maintenance organizations are facing is grouping of different equipment to be maintained together. The challenge of grouping equipment to be maintained according to ...

A Mathematical Model of Customer Satisfaction depending on technical Design Parameters in the context of Product Generation Engineering

Aksoy, Günseli; Huth, Tobias; Vietor, Thomas // 2020
Many manufacturers use customer research instruments, such as empirical surveys in order to find out their needs to consider in new products to improve customer satisfaction. However, the systematic ...

A practice-based approach to design education

Sharma, Bhagyashri; Roy, Avik; Rautra, Priyabrata // 2020
Pedagogy for design has always been regulated by the need of the industry and the interaction between the professional practice and academics. Through this research, we have tried to understand ...

A Role-based Prototyping Approach for Human-Centred Design in Fuzzy Front-End Scenarios

Martins Pacheco, Nuno Miguel; Behrenbeck, Jan; Tariq, Bilal; Vazhapilli Sureshbabu, Anand; Zimmermann, Markus // 2020
Developing new products is challenging due to ambiguous and uncertain requirements and unclear processes especially for novice development teams. This paper outlines a role-based prototyping approach ...

Analysing increase of functionality and complexity in integrated product architectures

Gonzalez Castro, Sabela; Panarotto, Massimo; Borgue, Olivia; Isaksson, Ola // 2020
Nowadays, product designers find difficulties and uncertainties when assessing how complex a product will be when introducing new functionalities or when integrating multiple functionalities into a ...

Approaches to analyzing multi-functional problems

Svendsen, Nicklas Werge; Lenau, Torben Anker // 2020
Designers’ appreciation of functional analysis and morphological synthesis and criticism regarding sub functional focus and poor innovation ability of these approaches, is the theoretical starting ...

Automatic geometry alteration when designing for metal additive manufacturing

Martinsson, Julian; Borgue, Olivia; Panarotto, Massimo; Isaksson, Ola // 2020
On the last decades, the space industry has been interested in implementing metal additive manufacturing. However, the transition from traditional to additive manufacturing technologies requires ...

Bringing Reality Back to Virtual Reality - A Collaborative Tool for Multidisciplinary Teams

Kohtala, Sampsa; Kaland, Thomas; Jacobsen, Live; Aalto, Pasi; Steinert, Martin // 2020
We propose a new system combining a physical interface and a virtual environment that can be accessed through VR. Our aim is making collaboration in multidisciplinary teams more productive through ...

Circular economy enabled by additive manufacturing: potential opportunities and key sustainability aspects

Kravchenko, Mariia; Pigosso, Daniela C.A.; McAloone, Tim C. // 2020
Additive manufacturing is also seen as a powerful enabler of circular economy (CE), which aims at reducing resource consumption while boosting business opportunities. No waste production and reduced ...

Comparison of Design Automation and Machine Learning algorithms for creation of easily modifiable splines

Gustafsson, Erik Anton; Persson, Johan Alexander; Ölvander, Johan Rolf // 2020
To enable easy modification and fine tuning of optimization results in a CAD tool by an engineer a flexible representation of the geometry is needed. Two methods based on machine learning and design ...

Comparison of three different heuristics for laser heat treatment pattern design

Nordin, Axel // 2020
Heat treatment of sheet steel is commonly performed in the automotive industry to save weight. However, current methods come with drawbacks such as energy usage and expensive tooling. This paper ...

Conceptual model of modularisation

Pakkanen, Jarkko; Juuti, Tero; Lehtonen, Timo; Peltonen, Jari; Laine, Rami // 2020
It is difficult to produce and manage information for which there is no conceptual model and supporting tools. The results of the paper illustrate what design information concepts are specific for a ...

Cross-Industry Sectoral Study:Interactions and Challenges of Requirements Engineering in the Early Phase of Product Development

Fahl, Joshua; Hirschter, Tobias; Maier, Hansj // 2020
The cross-industry sectoral study aims to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges of requirements engineering and the individual use of existing knowledge in early development phases. For this ...

Data-Driven Engineering – Definitions and Insights from an Industrial Case Study for a New Approach in Technical Product Development

Trauer, Jakob; Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian; Onuma Okamoto, Luis; Spreitzer, Karsten; Mörtl, Markus; Zimmermann, Markus // 2020
Due to the evermore growing digitization in engineering, the term data-driven engineering has evolved over the last years. Yet, there is no unified definition of the term. The presented research is ...

Design thinking: guidelines for organizations

Ishio, Pedro; Gaspar, Ricardo; Gon // 2020
The objective of this paper is to iterate proposed functional guidelines for the assertive practice of design thinking in organizational environments, and therefore to promote innovation. Three ...

Designing aesthetics for play(fulness)

Legaard, Jesper Falck // 2020
Whilst aesthetics in a general sense has often been a subject for research, there is less research on how aesthetics more specifically relates to play and playfulness in experiences. In this paper I ...

Development of a Circularity Impact and Failure Analysis: Obsolescence and Recyclability Integration

Bertoni, Alessandro // 2020
The paper presents the first stage of the development of an approach named Circularity Impact and Failure Analysis (CIFA) aiming to become an integral part of a design for circularity strategy. The ...

Development of strategic guidelines for agile Parts Ma- turity Management of engine subsystems in the automotive industry during series ramp-up

Rapp, Simon; Heimicke, Jonas; Weber, Jonas; Albers, Albert // 2020
The increasing innovation pressure on German car manufacturers leads to a significantly higher model and variant diversity whereas model cycles and development times decrease. Subsequently, the ...

Dynamic updating of learning events during a course on the basis of logbooks

Vanhatalo, Mikko; Juuti, Tero; Rättyä, Kaisu // 2020
In this paper we present findings about utilizing logbooks which are customized for the specific course implementation and to use them in dynamic way to tailor learning events during the course. We ...

Effects and Interactions of agile Principles in the Process of Mechatronic System Development: Building a basic Un- derstanding for adaptive Process Design

Albers, Albert; Heimicke, Jonas; Trost, Sebastian // 2020
Agile approaches mostly originate from the software branch and are based on its culture, thus creating various challenges in the culture of mechatronic system development. The approach of ASD - Agile ...

Engaging Digital Engineering Students in Design Thinking

Traifeh, Hanadi; Nicolai, Claudia; Refaie, Reem; Meinel, Christoph // 2020
This research paper examines the impact of the Design Thinking process in cultivating creative confidence and encouraging empathy towards others. Our target group included students in general; ...

ETO Standardization Strategies: Verifying Implementation and Effect

Bertram, Christian Alexander; Mueller, Georg Otto; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2020
Engineer-To-Order product development often entails project-based development of highly customized products with a production of low volumes. Unique designs increases the interest for re-use to keep ...

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