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Engineering in Reverse im Ästhetik-Design

Dankwort, C. W.; Faißt, K.-G. // 2002

Environmental Assessment - Gotten Across to Industrial Designers

Bey, N. // 2002
This paper deals with a simplified method for environmental assessment for designers, the Oil Point Method (OPM). The paper explains characteristics of the method, such as the reduced problem with ...

Environmentally Sound Product Improvements of Consumer Products

Lo, V.; Wimmer, W. // 2002
In the fast moving and quick changing Digital Economy (DE), all businesses or manufacturing modes have evolved into a very competitive business particularly in the Small Electrical Appliances ...

Envisioning Design @ Home

Baillie, L.; Benyon, D. R. // 2002
This paper presents A new method which involves users in the home in the design process. It is common to involve users in requirements generation, but rarely in product inception or design. With ...

Ethics in Industrial Product Design (Good, Goods and Gods)

Özcan, A. C. // 2002
In mythology, semi-god, semi-human Prometheus was a designer and the fire he brought to humans was the design ability, the ability to create good goods like gods. Today he is ashamed to feel ...

Evaluation of Enterprise’s Innovation Activity

Lindemann, U.; Baumberger, Ch.; Fuchs, D.; Jokele, B.; Schumann, F. J. // 2002

Examples of an Expert System in the Estimation of the Quality of Lubricants

Sprecic, Denijal; Sprecic, Elis; Vižintin, Jože; Sluga, Alojz // 2002
By applying expert systems and new systems of automation of the experimental researches based upon experimental methods, it is possible to come by quantitatively and qualitatively significant ...

Exemplary Applications of the Reverse-Engineering Method in the Process of Extending Service Lives of Aircraft in Operation in the Polish Air Forces

Barszcz, P.; Borgon, J.; Leski, A.; Niezgoda, T. // 2002
The paper has been intended to provide several examples to illustrate how the reverse-engineering method is applied to the process of extending service lives of aircraft in operation with the Polish ...

Experiences and results of IPD educationat the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Varga, A.; Bercsey, T. // 2002
Founded on joint research projects carried on with departments of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, professional preparation of the establishment of the IDE course at the ...

Expert Procedures Implementation in Software Catalogues

Baragetti, S.; Rovida, E. // 2002
The development of expert systems, implemented in software catalogues, was taken into consideration in this paper. The need of simplifying the choice process requires the assessment of simple rules ...

Facilitating Creativity and Shared Understanding in Design Teams

Lauche, K. // 2002
We investigated team interaction arrive at a shared understanding of the task and at fresh, creative ideas in 20 meetings in different types of industry. The patterns are iterative in terms of team ...

Fatigue Damage and New Design of Gantry Crane Equalizer Beam

Krstulovic, A.; Matic, T. // 2002
During regularly inspection of gantry cranes on equalizer beams (part of a crane used to distribute the load to the wheels) a numerous cracks in regions of weldments was observed. Repair by simple ...

Fatigue Failures in Industry - Case Studies

Domazet, Ž.; Piršic, T. // 2002
The paper presents some typical fatigue damages in industry and transport that were investigated by FESB Laboratory for Fatigue: the fatigue cracks and failures in large gear wheel of cement mill, ...

Feature reconstruction for freeform surface design

Song, Y.; Vergeest, J.S.M.; Dumitrescu, R. // 2002
In the conceptual design phase, designers not only require an easy way to construct a freeform surface, but also need to modify it intuitively. In this paper, a feature based freeform surface design ...

Fehlertolerante Gussstückgestaltung

Hartmann, R.; Korovin, V.; Poliakov, S.; Popkov, V. // 2002

Finding Tomorrow Today

Samperi, J.; Hollins, B.; Holdway, R. // 2002
In spite of the importance of a long-term view having been promoted in the literature, very little research has been undertaken to identify which companies are doing it. Even less research has shown ...

Flexible Adaptation of Methods within the Design Process

Lindemann, U. // 2002
The focus of this paper is based on an engineer's view on working methods in design and development. Authors have described basic methods like TOTE, elementary methods like 'compare', ...

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  • +design community
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  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
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  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
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