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Numerical Simulation to Study the Influence of the Thickness of Canopy at a Bird Strike

Leski, A.; Baraniecki, R.; Malachowski, J. // 2002
The paper has been intended to present some considerations on how to determine the relationship between thickness of an aircraft canopy and stress tension during a collision with a bird. The finite ...

Office Furniture Design According to a Human Anthropometric Data

Ivelic, Ž.; Grbac, I.; Ljuljka, B.; Tkalec, S. // 2002
If the design of the office furniture does not follow ergonomic principles, and if there is lack of exercises or relaxation during working hours, it is possible that various forms of physical ...

On a Hip Joint Simulator Electric Actuators Integrated Design and Optimization

Pellicciari, M.; Barbanti, G.; Andrisano, A.O. // 2002
The multidisciplinary implications occurred in the integrated design and development of the motorization for a novel multi axis hip joint simulator using 3D parametric CAD system integrated with ...

On Formulas and Methods for Expressing the Attitude of a Rigid Body

Pezzuti, E.; Valentini, P. P. // 2002
In many fields of mechanics there is the need of expressing the attitude of a rigid body. This paper, summarizes and compares different approaches for such purpose. In particular, the following ...

On Knowledge Level Theories and the Knowledge Management of Designing

Smithers, T. // 2002
The design and engineering of new products faces new and difficult challenges due to the globalisation of markets and the rapid development of new technologies. To be competitive, companies must ...

On the Design of a Low-Cost Racing Car Chassis

Chignola, S.; Gadola, M.; Leoni, L.; Resentera, M. // 2002
The paper presents a project under development at the University of Brescia with the co-operation of Metra, a leading company in the field of aluminium extrusion. A racecar chassis has been designed ...

Ontology-Based Modeling of Product Functionality and Use Part 2: Considering Use and Unintended Behavior

van der Vegte, W. F.; Kitamura, Y.; Mizoguchi, R.; Horváth, I. // 2002

Operating Bolt Load Calculation in Joints of Complex Elastic Structures

Zupan, S.; Prebil, I. // 2002
An improved method for the calculation of actual operating force on every bolt in the bolted joint has been developed. It is founded on the usage of so called “elasticity” and “stiffness” matrices of ...

Optimization of Die-Bonding Process Using Orthogonal Array Experiments

Lai, R.-J.; Lin, Y.-C.; Kuo, T.-W.; Chou, S.-Y. // 2002
The chip of power transistor with die back metallization (Ti/Ni/Ag/Au) is bonded on the lead frame (Cu:>=99.96%) using the scrubbing method. The soft solder applied is Sn-Pb alloy. Voids appear in ...

Optimization of Injection Law at Modern Diesel Fuel Supply Systems

Filipovic, I.; Pikula, B. // 2002
The most important element that contributes better atomization of air-fuel mixture, as well as better performing of combustion processes, is an introduction of direct injection of fuel under high ...

Optimum Design of a Formula One Rear Wing Using a Genetic Algorithm

Muzzupappa, M.; Pagnotta, L. // 2002
In the present paper, the possibility of optimizing the stiffness of a F1 lower-rear wing, in a shape which satisfies the aerodynamic requirements, by making use of a genetic algorithm was ...

Overview of the Initiatives on the Development of Designer's Toolkits

Vroom, R. W.; van Haarlem, L. F.; Ootes, F. P. A. // 2002
We investigated the initiatives on the development of designer’s toolkits by a literature search. To categorize the tools for the different design phases we use a design model. Also an historical ...

Part Based Product Upgrade

Žavbi, R. // 2002
A procedure for part based product upgrade is proposed. Part based product upgrade means product improvement as a result of improvements of its parts (i.e. changes in the values of part ...

Participative Laboratories for the Co-Production of Public Space: Redefinition of Social Meaning

Michialino, P.; Cowdroy, R. // 2002
This paper provides an outline of a study of the development of new strategies for an integrated process for the design of public space using participative laboratories. The laboratories involved ...

Perspectives on Similarity in Design

Eckert, C. M.; Earl, C. F. // 2002
New designs are examined in the context of existing designs. General features of similarity are outlined. Similarities are distinguished according to both the type of design activity and the type ...

Physual Designing - Approaching Design through the Interaction Space

Kristensen, K.; Hildre, H. P.; Sivertsen, O. I.; Fyhn, H.; Storler, K. // 2002
Engineering designers utilize and depend on both their physical surroundings and different technology-based generic and engineering-specific tools, in order to be effective. Hence, they “orchestrate” ...

Potentialites of Application of the Emerging Systems Engineering Standard AP233

Düsing, C. // 2002
Nowadays „systems engineering“ is a discipline which is mainly employed in the domains of aerospace and aeronautics. Nevertheless, this discipline is also applicable to other domains. One of the ...

Prediction of 3-D Crack Growth in Thin Rim-Gears

Kramberger, J.; Potrc, I.; Flašker, J. // 2002
Thin-rim gears with an initial crack in the tooth root, caused by various reasons, are dealt with in this paper. By standard procedures, it is impossible to gain a very good insight into the ...

Product Architecture and the Propagation of Engineernig Change

Jarratt, T.; Eckert, C.; Clarkson, P. J.; Schwankl, L. // 2002
The majority of design activities involve adapting a known solution to meet new requirements. Therefore understanding the issue of engineering changes is of vital importance if companies are to ...

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  • +design ~community
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  • +design +(>community <decisions)
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