The International Conference on Engineering Design has always been a fertile ground to discuss PSS research. ICED21 was no exception, featuring 3 dedicated PSS sessions and an almost record-breaking number of PSS related publications. Here below a list of 21 contributions from the ICED21 proceedings (with links), all featuring PSS in the title or as a keyword :

170- Rosen, David; Choi, Young MiUS,(Singapore) Extending Product Family Design Methods to Product-Service- System Family Design 

190- Rennpferdt, Christoph; Krause, Dieter (Germany) Life Phases Modularisation of Product-Service Systems

222- Gustafsson, Karoline Fogh; Harild, Sara Amdi; Pigosso, Daniela C. A., Scholtysik, Michel (Denmark) Design for Sustainable Behaviour in Product/Service Systems - a Systematic Review 

314- Mahl, Tobias; Köhler, Christian; Arnold, Dominik; Lins, Dominik; Kuhlenkötter, Bernd (Germany) PSS-FMEA: Towards an Integrated FMEA Method to support the Development of Product- Service Systems in SMEs

326- Nemoto, Yutaro; Dhiman, Hitesh; Röcker, Carsten (Japan, Germany) Design for Continuous Use of Product-Service Systems: A Conceptual Framework

355- Schneider, Jannik Alexander; Wurst, Johanna; Gruetzmann, Ines; Mozgova, Iryna; Lachmayer, Roland (Germany) Implementation of Maintenance Strategies in the Life Cycle Costing of Product-Service Systems

359- Bertoni, Alessandro; Larsson, Tobias; Wall, Johan; Johansson Askling, Christian (Sweden) Model-Driven Product Service Systems design: the Model-Driven Development and Decision Support (MD3S) approach

366- Reinhold, Jannik; Koldewey, Christian; Dumitrescu, Roman (Germany) Sustainability through the Digitalization: Exploring Potentials and Designing Value Co-Creation Architectures for Product-Service-Systems

368- Machchhar, Raj Jiten; Bertoni, Alessandro (Sweden) Data-Driven Design Automation for Product-Service Systems Design: Framework and Lessons Learned from Empirical Studies 

378- Neramballi, Abhijna; Sakao, Tomohiko (Sweden) Zooming in on Product-Service System Ecodesigning: A Novel Analysis Approach and Application to a Case Involving Experienced Practitioners 

398- Harrat, Mourad; Belkadi, Farouk; Bernard, Alain (France) Fuzzy-based Framework for Managing Inter-enterprise Collaborations in PSS Context

412- Toller, Carl Nils Konrad; Bertoni, Marco (Sweden) The Research Domain of Product-Service Systems and Voice of the Customer: A Systematic Mapping

425- Forte, Sven; Göbel, Jens Christian; Dickopf, Thomas (Germany) System of Systems Lifecycle Engineering Approach Integrating Smart Product and Service Ecosystems 

428- Engelmann, Anais; Zeeuw van der Laan, Anouk; Aid, Graham; Nybom, Lars; Aurisicchio, Marco (United Kingdom) Developing the Material-Service System Concept: A Case Study of Steel Industrial Drums

430- Kim, Yong Se (Republic of South Korea) Digital Transformation Types for Product-Service Systems

447- Sarancic, David; Pigosso, Daniela C. A.; McAloone, Tim C. (Denmark) Investigating Drivers and Barriers for the Development of Product-Service Systems in Capital Goods Manufacturing Companies 

474- Ruvald, Ryan Michael; Larsson, Andreas; Johansson Askling, Christian; Bertoni, Alessandro; Larsson, Tobias (Sweden) Evaluating Prototyping Support in Early Transformative PSS Design.

502- Sakwe, John Bake; Pereira Pessoa, Marcus; Hoekstra, Sipke (The Netherlands) A FMEA Based Method for Analyzing and Prioritizing Performance Risk at the Conceptual Stage of Performance PSS Design

510- Li, Fan; Lu, Yuan (The Netherlands) Engaging End Users in an AI-Enabled Smart Service Design - The Application of the Smart Service Blueprint Scape (SSBS) Framework 

519- Oh, Sanghyun; Hong, Yoo S.; Lee, Jihwan; Kim, Yong Se (Republic of South Korea) An Evaluation Method for Business Models in Product-Service Systems Design

538- Yan, Zhang; Larsson, Tobias; Larsson, Andreas (China, Sweden) Chinese Product-Service System Innovations Enabled via Governmental Policies: The E-Scooter Case

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